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See The World!

Imagine waking up and being ready to go. Forget about the worry of contacts drying out and glasses scratching.


With advanced Z-LASIK technology it is easier than ever to go glasses and contacts free.


LASIK procedures are fast and painless. The average vision correction treatment is only 10 seconds!


$1,600 OFF
Holiday Discount

Begin 2020 with 20-20 vision and save for a limited time with our extended Holiday discount


Texas Eye Care

Texas Eye Care has brought together a network of world class doctors from all around the United States with a state of the art facility to provide you with unmatched eye care.

Clear Vision

Starting at



*Texas Eye Care offers financing for LASIK and other procedures through Care Credit and Alphaeon financing groups. If approved for a line of credit, LASIK is available for $95/month on 60 month financing plans.

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