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Natural Lens

The natural lens in your eye is responsible for many functions but when thinking about cataracts, you can think of your natural lens like a windshield of the eye. 

The natural lens cannot be cleaned or cleared like a windshield and so a cataract procedure is when we simply replace the foggy windshield or lens.

A Cataract is like when your windshield becomes foggy. When this happens your vision begins to change, just like looking through a foggy windshield.


Vision Enhancement

A cataract procedure is unique opportunity to improve your vision! If you see with an astigmatism, a cataract procedure can be used to help reduce or eliminate it.

Astigmatism, an imperfection in the eye's curvature, causes blurry or distorted vision. Glasses or contacts are used to help to manage an astigmatism. Most cataract surgery patients have some amount of astigmatism. 

With advanced technology and expertise, your Texas Eye surgeon can give you sharper vision and reduce need for glasses either up close or far away.

Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for the Precision Complete Package


Reading Vision

With a cataract procedure you can choose a multifocal lens that is similar to bifocal glasses and help reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses.

Reading glasses can slow you down and cause inconvenience in many situations. With a number of multifocal lens options, reading glasses won't be able to hold you back.

Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for the Precision Complete Package

Protection From Glaucoma

A cataract procedure is a great opportunity to help manage your glaucoma as well!


Management of your glaucoma is important and necessary to prevent vision loss. Drops can become difficult to maintain and cumbersome. Improve your daily life with a reduced dependency on glaucoma eyedrops.

The iStent helps to control the pressure in the eye. The MPCPC treats the cells that make fluid in the eye. These procedures can work independently or together to reduce the risk of future vision loss to glaucoma. 

Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate for glaucoma management procedures at the time of your cataract surgery. 

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