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How Does LASIK Work?

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Why do we need glasses?

How we see is determined by how light is focused through the cornea on the back of the eye. 

When the cornea is shaped irregularly it causes us to see imperfectly. The shape of the cornea can cause us to be nearsighted, farsighted, or to see with an astigmatism; which causes overall blurry vision.

Normally Shaped Cornea

Irregularly Shaped Cornea

Normal Vision

Causing Incorrect Light Placement

Laser Vision Correction

With laser vision correction. Our surgeons are able to correct the shape of your cornea which causes you to see much better without glasses. 

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Cornea Causing  The Need For Glasses

Corrected Corneal Shape

Correct Light Placement

Incorrect Light Placement

Texas Eye Care brings together world class doctors and state of the art technology to provide you with your best vision without glasses!

Our goal, before before and after your LASIK procedure, is to ensure you have healthy eyes for years to come.

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