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Terms & Agreement

All nominees are subject to rules and regulations. Selected nominees will need to have a LASIK screening performed at Texas Eye Care prior to becoming a finalist in the LASIK FOR A HERO offer. LASIK screening is comprised of two to three tests that provide insight into eligibility for a LASIK procedure. Further testing may be required to determine eligibility for a LASIK procedure. All nominees may not be candidates for LASIK. An alternative laser vision correcting procedure called photo refractive keratectomy (PRK) may be used in place of LASIK if determined best by the operating surgeon. If the nominee is not determined eligible for laser vision correction at Texas Eye Care the nominee will not be eligible for FREE Lasik. All finalists will need to have a complete ocular health evaluation prior to the selection of winner. Ocular Health Evaluations are typically covered by medical insurance. If an individual does have medical insurance, this information should be provided to the practice prior to evaluation. If an individual does not have medical insurance, please speak with the Texas Eye Care team prior to the evaluation. Dilation of the eyes will be included in the ocular health evaluation. Texas Eye Care does not recommend or advise patients to drive while dilated. Individuals take full responsibility for transportation arrangements to and from Texas Eye Care for all visits, including the ocular health evaluations for LASIK FOR A HERO. All individuals scheduling for laser vision correction will be provided pre and post operative instructions. Texas Eye Care strongly recommends complete compliance with pre and post operative instructions, both written and verbal, to experience best vision possible. Individuals may not drive following any laser vision correcting procedure at Texas Eye Care, including but not limited to LASIK and PRK. Individuals must arrange for transportation in advance and take full responsibility for transportation to and from the laser vision correcting procedure. Only one finalist will be given LASIK at no cost to the patient by Texas Eye Care. This offer may not be combined with other offers. This offer is nontransferable.